PPC Riebeeck Berg Marathon 2016

Event Results

PPC-Riebeeck_10_2016 PPC-Riebeeck_21_2016 PPC-Riebeeck_42_2016

Event Details

  • Event Date: Saturday 6th August 2016
  • Venue: PPC Cement Plant, Riebeeck West
  • GPS Co-ordinates: 33°19’1.70″S / 18°50’59.04″E
  • Start Times: 42.2km – 7:30 / 21.1km – 8:00 / 10km – 8:30 / 5km – 8:45
  • Timed By: QTC Timing using ChampionChip

Race numbers can be collected from the following registration points:

Sportsmans Warehouse Canal Walk

  • Thursday 4th August – From 14h00 to 20h30

PPC Cement Plant, Riebeeck West

  • Friday 5th August – From 16h00 to 20h00
  • Saturday 6tht August – From 05h30 to 07h30

Please remember to bring your ChampionChip with you to the race to ensure that your results is recorded. All results will be published on the Internet atwww.championchip.co.za

No other chip may be used at this event other than a ChampionChip.

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